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Needing permanent or temporary storage?

American Moving & Record Storage's 14,000 square foot building has the capacity to handle a wide variety of commercial storage and distribution needs. We offer palletized racking and vaulted storage for businesses and individuals.  We can store everything from household goods, office furniture or patio furniture to excess inventory or paper forms and much more.  You could even store all of those extra items that need to be put somewhere while your house is on display or being staged for sale.

Our facility meets the strict requirements of the federal government. Fire suppression sprinkler system, alarms and 24 hour monitoring provide a safe and secure facility.  

Long term storage and distribution schedules are also available.  Our flexibility and transportation services mean that the delivery of goods from manufacturers and the eventual distribution to the end user happen seamlessly and to our customer’s utmost satisfaction.

Our dock and warehouse facilities can handle any type of long term commercial storage project and receive and deliver on almost any time frames.

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