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Every day is moving day for us!

We’re an Interstate Agent for Atlas Van Lines, Inc. (U.S. DOT No. 125550 Atlas Van Lines, Inc.) and your relocation is important to us! 

We’ll work with you to provide an estimate as close to accurate as possible.  While our representative goes from room to room with you, please point out things that may require special handling, such as fragile items, family heirlooms, or valuable antiques.  

Atlas Van Lines is a highly diverse family of companies dedicated to the transportation of people, products and lifestyles.  Atlas is the 2nd largest interstate motor carrier in the U.S. and second largest carrier of household goods.  We are respected as a leader in the relocation services industry, providing relocation services with integrity and quality.   Established rates are published in an industry-wide tariff and are public information.  Pricing is based on weight, distance and services performed.  We’ll help you understand your options and select the services that work best for you.   We offer basic liability protection for your belongings. This coverage is limited to 60 cents per pound per article at no cost to you.  However, basic liability protection may not provide enough coverage in the unlikely event something is lost or damaged, so you may decide upon full value protection, which is an affordable choice for peace of mind.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Our goal is to provide you with a relocation that’s as stress free as possible.   Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you move:  


dog- Don't forget to make preparations for your 4-legged friends.  We are not allowed to transport your pets.  Having a current picture of your pets and knowing exactly where their health certificates/ licenses are can save you a lot of stress.

- Discard unwanted items.  If you donate items to charity, remember to ask for receipts so you have documentation for federal income tax deductions. 

- Return library books & borrowed items.  

- Arrange for utilities and land line phones to be disconnected the day after loading.  If your utility companies collected a deposit from you when you moved into your current home, be sure and request your refund.  If you've always paid your utility bills on time, you might want to ask them for a "good customer" letter to take to your new utility company. This might save you from having to pay a utility deposit there!.  

- Drain fuel & other liquids from mowers & small engines.  We do not transport propane tanks.  

- Cars being loaded on moving vans should be less than ¼ of a tank full.  

- Drain water from garden hoses.  

- Plan to use up or give away food items in your freezer and pantry.  

- Dispose of aerosol spray cans and paints, etc (or move them yourself).  

- Set aside firearms for movers.  Serial numbers must be recorded.  

- Set aside high value items such as fine jewelry, coin/stamp collections, camera equipment, credit cards, etc.  We recommend you personally transport these items.  

- Either give away your plants or plan to transport them yourself.

- Please service all computers, stereos and fax equipment by removing cartridges, ribbons, parking hard drives and disconnecting cables.  

- Also remember to:  transfer medical/dental records, obtain copies of veterinary records, transfer school records and notify insurance companies, banks, credit card providers and savings associations regarding your change of address.  



- Be sure your dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryer are empty.

- Unplug, disconnect water, and clean out your refrigerator and freezer.

- Leave refrigerator doors open at least 24 hours so that it has plenty of time to thoroughly dry out.

- Empty and clean out garbage cans.  If trash cans can’t be cleaned, you may want to leave them behind.

- Remove all bed linens from beds.

- Leave glassware and kitchen items in cabinets and cupboards.

- Please inform the packers of any items that will require special handling.

- Be sure to set aside items you do not want packed such as important financial or real estate documents, items for traveling, items to be loaded last and unloaded first, cleaning supplies and a telephone for your new home.  


- Phone and utilities should be left on through loading day.

- The driver will prepare an inventory of your belongings and the condition of the items.

- You will be expected to sign a Bill of Lading and possibly a Packing Services Report and Additional Services Performed Report.

- Check to make sure all your belongings are loaded.

- Inform the driver how you can be reached while he is enroute.

- Please do not plan to leave your city of origin until the day after loading.  


- Utility services and telephone should be connected before the driver arrives.

- Know where you want the movers to place your furnishings.

- Check off inventory work sheets as you receive your belongings.

- When you unpack, carefully unfold all the packing paper used in the cartons.  Small objects can be easily missed.  

StoneMOVING WITH KIDS:   To help relieve some of the stress associated with moving, here are suggestions involving children of all ages.

- Wherever you're moving to, why not send away for an "Entertainment Book” full of coupons for meals, travel and leisure activities. You'll probably be too tired to cook and using coupons will lessen the sting of eating out.

- Subscribe to the local newspaper in your new town.  You can learn about many of the activities available for your children.  

- Before moving, ask your kids' counselors and coaches for "To Whom It May Concern" letters that tell what your child has accomplished in karate, dance classes, swimming, etc. Having their achievements documented will help them fit comfortably into those same activities in your new community.  

- With younger children, read books about moving.  

- Take pictures of your old home - for memories.  Take pictures of the new home and the surrounding neighborhood, so that your children have an idea of what to expect.  Older children can begin to plan how they will decorate their rooms or play areas.  Take pictures of your old home for memories.   After you move, you may want to take an occasional break from settling in to do some exploring.  You can get plenty of free printed materials about what to see and do in your new community from the Chamber of Commerce (, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and local or regional historical societies. The brochures and booklets can be a good pastime for the kids, too... you might even let them plan the family's first sightseeing excursion.    

flammablesNon Allowables:

Before your possessions are packed and loaded, it is important to learn which items cannot be shipped because they are either hazardous, perishable or irreplaceable. Listed below are common non-allowable items that you will need to consider before your move.  

Hazardous Materials (Items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive)

Examples include:

Acids Fertilizer Matches Pool Chemicals
Aerosols Fire Extinguisher Motor Oil Propane Tanks
Ammonia Fireworks Nail Polish Reloading Supplies
Car Batteries Gasoline Nail Polish Remover Scuba Tanks
Charcoal Lighter Fluid Household Batteries Paint Thinner Weed Killer
Chemistry Sets Kerosene Lamp Oil Paints  
Cleaning Solvents Liquid Bleach Pesticides  
Darkroom Chemicals Loaded Guns Poisons  

Perishables:  Food, plants or living things that may die or spoil in transit.

* Examples include:

 * Agents may agree to transport perishables that are properly packed and require no servicing in transit on shipments moving less than 150 miles and delivered within 24 hours of pickup.

Note: You should empty refrigerators and freezers and keep appliance doors open for at least 24 hours in advance of loading. This will allow appliances to dry out and prevent the growth of mold.  

Rates vary based on cubic volume, weight, access to home, availability, notice given, stairs, and size of items. Pricing is generally higher in range for moves that need to occur on weekends and at the beginning and end of each month.  

The Atlas network of moving companiesmovers are of the highest integrity and quality.

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