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Do you need more space to store your valuable company documents?

Keep your information safe with us!

 American Moving & Records Storage is a leader in the records management industry. We provide a cost effective solution for storage, management and disposal of records. Our certified, government approved facility is designed to handle all types and quantities of records storage - from one box of documents to truckloads of documents.   

Business records represent cost and risk  

Your records tell the story of your business and have operational, financial and legal value. They also represent risks, costs, and management challenges.  In addition to the cost of rising storage, labor and administrative expenses, there are also today’s tough new regulations and legal liabilities.  

paper-pileLet us be an extension to your file room  

 American Moving & Record Storage’s trained personnel will efficiently add to, or retrieve documents per your request. This frees up your staff and floor space and reduces your costs.  Cost savings can be seen in reclaimed office space, freed up staff, and efficiencies of scale.  

Got “backup”?  

We also offer pick up, delivery and storage for  your electronic media. Companies entrust us with their individual document storage, off-site electronic data storage, and backup tape rotation needs.  

Best of all, customized warehouse and pick up and delivery services are designed to meet your needs, making document management easy for you.  You can depend on American Moving & Records Storage to deliver the information you need, when you need it!

American Moving & Records Storage sells document storage cartons. Many times they are better-constructed and less expensive than what the office supply stores charge. We also offer confidential shredding for both record storage clients and non-customers.

 Here’s a list of services we have available for record storage clients:

With open-shelf storage, retrieving documents is extremely easy to use. We stack a maximum of three containers high and two containers deep.  This protects your records from containers bowing and caving through time due to the weight of over-stacking.  Once a request is received, we ensure a secure chain-of-custody.  When records are in transit, they are placed in our sturdy, durable containers and then delivered directly to your assigned person at destination.

We take the security, confidentiality and safety of your information seriously.  

And, don’t forget, we also do office, personnel, corporate or personal moves, or we can store unused office furniture, out of season patio furniture, excess inventory, etc.

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